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With years of HR, Performance Management and Recruiting experience we realise the need for an individual approach.

We bring in a variety of expertise, depending upon your needs. These may include but are not limited to;- leadership development, talent and succession support, management skills, relationship interaction, career development, difficult situations, presentation skills, personal impact, managing one’s own development, managing development of others, networking, meeting skills, self-confidence and resilience.

The frequency and number of sessions always depends entirely upon the client, the business and the context. This may be a one off session for a specific reason but is usually a set of sessions over a fixed term or ongoing quarterly support. This will always be agreed and explained in advance.

Experience tells us that clients particularly enjoy one to one time with an impartial coach and being listened to in a neutral and non judgemental setting. Initial meetings are structured to  inspire  confidence and further sessions to help them through their development or through a particularly challenging time. It’s an efficient approach to development ensuring high quality and maximum impact in a short time scale. Impact is greater compared to more traditional methods of development thanks to the focus on one individual.  Clients may expect support with development matters that are short, medium and longer term.

As a corporate client,
the business could also enjoy more two-way dialogue with their external coaches.  Providing there is no compromise of confidentiality, coaches are often pleased to be able to share insight with the business on common themes and strategic/development recommendations that may benefit the business and the business, in turn, may set strategic direction with the coaches.